train track photo
NS Police
To report suspicious activity, contact NS Police at (800) 453-2530.


Employees and concerned citizens alike call in to make reports — from track obstructions, to trespassers, vehicles stalled on the tracks, and even possible mechanical issues with moving trains. To report suspicious activity and other security issues, contact the NS Police immediately at (800) 453-2530. For emergencies, always call 911.

Across the NS system, special agents are on patrol to ensure the safety and security of employees, facilities, and infrastructure. The most effective and easiest method to reach NS Police is to call (800) 453-2530.

Nothing is too small to report. Security is everyone’s business. Our alert level has been heightened for some time, and all Americans have been asked to be the eyes and ears for law enforcement officers. When making a report to NS Police, be ready with accurate information.


How do you know if a person is really a NS special agent?

Uniformed NS Police and plain-clothes special agents carry credentials. Concerns should be referred to NS Police at (800) 453-2530.


NS’ Police Communication Center (PCC) is a centralized location for coordinating police operations on a 24-hour basis. The PCC supports safety, security, and general law enforcement.

The NS PCC answers calls 24-7 at (800) 453-2530. The PCC coordinates NS special agents and local emergency responders where needed by employees, customers, and communities.

NS Police receives reports from all 22 states in which the railroad operates over its 20,000 miles of track.