train track photo
Reporting for Duty
To report suspicious activity, contact NS Police at (800) 453-2530.

Reporting for Duty

As informed observers, you can help discover equipment issues, rail obstructions, trespassers, and other problems in order to keep the trains moving.

Report issues to NS Police at (800) 453-2530.

When you call to report an incident to the NS Police, note as many details as you can so we can respond accordingly. Be as exact as possible regarding location of the incident. Town, county, address, nearest cross street, and direction of travel are helpful. Include milepost or DOT numbers if you can. If people are involved, note their clothing and physical descriptions. NS police might ask you questions so that we can understand the nature and location of the problem. If you leave a message, include your name and phone number so that we can call you back if necessary.

Some examples of equipment issues are:
* Sparks, day or night
* Trailers that lean severely
* Smoke
* Loose banding material
* Open trailer doors

Other things to looks for are:
* Trespassers
* Children near the rail
* Are others in danger?
* Are suspects on the scene?
* Have local authorities been notified?

Protect the Line is a community awareness initiative in which concerned citizens help protect the railroad infrastructure by reporting to NS Police. We ask everyone to be alert for suspicious activities and potentially hazardous situations.

No trespassing

No one is allowed on railroad property without permission from the railroad. Trespassing on railroad property is dangerous and illegal. This includes tracks, rights of way, yards, buildings, and rail facilities of all types. It is illegal to cross tracks while the crossing gates are down or to walk between the rails or along the tracks beyond the crossing. For your safety and the safety of others, please stay off of railroad tracks and property.